VIETLABEL – The idea solution for your brand’s image

“We conduct business not for profit, but profit is a commensurate reward for our efforts.”


  • Vietlabel Company was founded by talented and dedicated founders. In accordance with the company’s motto, it will provide customers with high-quality printing solutions, services, and a willingness to always listen, understand and address the printing issues that customers face when selecting a supplier. We were born to serve our customers better every day, acting as a companion on your company’s development journey.
  • We are proud to be one of the printing companies that are highly regarded and trusted by leading domestic and FDI enterprises in VIETNAM.

With an advanced printer system and strictly operated ISO 9001-2015 production process and experienced staff, we always meet the requirements of quality, high technology, and on-time delivery, while maintaining competitive pricing.

Vietlabel is constantly improving and upgrading technology, as well as investing in appropriate solutions to better serve customers. We place a high value on research and development (“R&D”), and the quality of our sales service as well. When cooperating with VIETLABEL, we are always willing to advise and assist customers in obtaining the best quality models, thereby contributing to the overall prosperity of the customer system.




“Enhance your brand”

VietLabel always respects customers, always accompanies customers in every stage of development, and positions itself as a customer for timely support. We always aspire to devote and support the development process of our customers.

VietLabel will always take the lead in researching, applying and catching up with the most advanced manufacturing processes in order to provide high-quality products and continually enhance its reputation on the market.

We attach great importance to the upbringing of personality, putting people at the center of sustainable development. Create a working environment that brings the highest efficiency in order to fully promote the talents of each employee.


For Customers

We always put our hearts and souls into each customer’s request and place the customer at the center of development. VietLabel values each customer’s experience and service, always evaluating, enhancing, and delivering the most demanded products. Always committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services possible.

For Society

Business development and environmental conservation go hand in hand. The company prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials, apparatus, and processes at all times. In addition to focusing on business development, VietLabel also prioritizes character education, employee training, and knowledge and skill enhancement in order to bring high-quality products to consumers as well as meet a good workforce for society.

For Humans

In the process of operation and growth, VietLabel always upholds the value of gratitude, especially towards those who have been and continue to be devoted to the business. We strive to provide the VIETLABEL team with a pleasant and humane working environment. We always want to create the best values in their life.


VIETLABEL – A printing company that helps you save money and elevate your brand with the best ISO-compliant printing solutions !