Decal PVC

PVC material decal is essentially synthetic plastic, a flexible plastic, which is a type of decal with high durability. It’s designed with a glossy white front side, a backing layer on the bottom, and an adhesive layer in the middle for sticking. The quality of this decal type is exceptionally good, being waterproof, non-soluble in water, resistant to impact, and possessing good abrasion resistance.
Advantages: Tear-resistant, waterproof, withstands friction and impact well.
Decal brand names:
– Fasson brand by manufacturers: Avery Dennison (USA), UPM Raflatac (Finland), Lintec (Japan)
– Product codes: BW0153 Avery Dennison (USA), Synthetic Paper HS/RP 51 (UPM)…
Applications: Typically used in electronics, food industry, chemical industry, refrigeration industry, transportation industry…
Varieties: PVC decals come from various manufacturers, but generally, there are only two types: glossy white and matte white. Another difference is that PVC decals have two types of backing: a thin white backing, also known as Lac-xin backing, which can be transparent and is used for barcode printers and label printers for sensor-based identification. Additionally, there’s a thicker backing like the one from Isignm Khamisticker, Amazon, which is specifically used for offset printing.

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