Food label

Nowadays, food products are meticulously and beautifully packaged by manufacturers, offering a wide range of designs and variations in packaging.
Food labels have become an essential part of the entire global food industry, including in Vietnam. However, labels for food products, food additives, etc., must adhere to the regulations of the current laws. On October 27, 2014, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Joint Circular No. 34/2014/TTLT-BYT-BNNPTNT-BCT guiding the labeling of packaged food products, food additives, and processing aids.
Food labels, when put into use and circulation, must ensure several factors, such as:
Color and image requirements: Food labels must be truthful, avoiding intentional confusion or incorrect impressions about the nature, characteristics, and purposes of the product.
Quality requirements for food labels: Food labels need to maintain their quality over time, possess good adhesive properties, and show no traces of erasing. Importantly, food labels must not impact the quality of the actual product.
Content requirements for labels, including text, symbols, and patterns that do not directly or indirectly relate to other products.
Food labels should also adhere to regulations regarding font styles and should include Vietnamese characters if the product is manufactured and consumed in Vietnam.

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