Medical label

In the world, the Pharmaceutical industry is a distinctive sector. Because it directly affects human health. The quality of pharmaceuticals must meet the prescribed standards, and pharmaceutical labeling must accurately depict the image and specifications of the drug to ensure the provision of accurate information to regulators and users.
Pharmaceutical labeling is a mandatory requirement for each pharmaceutical product. In addition to the product packaging, pharmaceutical labeling must include printed illustrations for the provided product, origin of the goods: Vietnam, India, the United States, China, France, etc. Instructions for use, storage guidelines, expiration date, contraindications, and more. Pharmaceutical labeling can include primary labels or supplementary stickers.
Requirements for product labeling in the pharmaceutical industry must also be clear, with images that clearly demonstrate quality to instill confidence in users. Currently, in the pharmaceutical industry, product labeling can use two types: paper adhesive labels and plastic adhesive labels (PVC).
For paper adhesive labels, they are very common and widely used due to several factors: easy printing, abundant supply sources, optimal quality for label images and colors, and suitability for various products in the pharmaceutical industry.
For PVC adhesive labels (plastic decals), they are used for specific and high-end purposes. PVC labels can withstand more friction or harsh environments, such as high-value pharmaceuticals, challenging weather conditions like rain, sun, high temperatures, or places with low temperatures like cold storage warehouses. Therefore, the cost of PVC labels is higher than that of regular paper adhesive labels.
Our company, VIETLABEL, utilizes advanced flexo printing machines with up to 6 different colors, ensuring accurate images. Especially for pharmaceutical companies using automatic labeling machines, our roll decal pharmaceutical labels are highly suitable for their needs.

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