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pharmaceutical labels

Are you struggling to find a reputable pharmaceutical label printing service provider? Choosing a reputable and high-quality supplier is the goal of every customer. Particularly in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution industry, the use of labels is even more concentrated.

Labeling pharmaceutical products in general, and drug labels in particular, is a state-mandated regulation designed to protect the interests of users and businesses by making it easier to manage drugs. VIETLABEL guarantees to provide pharmaceutical label printing services that are accurate, timely, and of international standard!


Advantages of printing

pharmaceutical labels for businesses

Pharmaceutical labels are attached to the body of bottles, medicine bottles, and medicine boxes. The basic drug information is printed in Vietnamese and is applicable to both domestically produced and imported drugs.

The label of the medicine box should be placed in a prominent location so that everyone can see and read the product information.

Pharmaceutical labels are critical for both manufacturers and users. As follows:

Materials for printing

pharmaceutical and drug labels

  • Paper decal material: The most commonly used, easy to stick, cheaper price than others.
  • Plastic decal material: Has the characteristics of colorfastness, scratch resistance.
  • Clear decal material: This is a transparent material used by many pharmaceutical companies to print stamps and labels for very high aesthetics.
  • Decal 7 colors: Used to make anti-counterfeiting stamps. When looking at different angles, you will see many different color bands.

In addition, we also have many other materials, which are applied to the unique needs of each customer.

Some types of pharmaceutical labels

Some examples of pharmaceutical labels


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