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beautiful and high-quality alcohol labels 

VIETLABEL is a dedicated printing company that specializes in alcohol label products. We have a variety of printing technologies and materials, as well as the ability to create many beautiful and unique designs…

Choosing a reputable supplier – quality is something that many alcohol producer businesses are concerned about. Beer and wine require highly sophisticated label printing techniques, high sophistication, attracting customers, displaying luxury, and increasing product value.

If you are in need of printing alcohol labels but still wonder which printing company to choose, come to VietLabel right away!



Benefits of printing

alcohol labels for your business

Label is one of the important elements that show the luxury, class, and value of alcohol.

In the marketing and advertising industry, labels are a vital tool. It makes it easier for users to reach product brands. Additionally, consumers will quickly understand information about your products thanks to the printing of alcohol labels, such as:

  • The product’s name
  • Origin
  • Ingredient
  • Capacity
  • Instructions for use and restore
  • Importers and distributors
  • Typical publication number
  • Expiration date.

This not only makes information more transparent. Printing alcohol labels also allows customers to identify your brand among a sea of similar products.


Some things to keep in mind

when printing alcohol labels

Here are some basic notes you must know if you want to print alcohol labels:

  • To begin, the label’s image must highlight the product’s brand. Color, material, content, size, and so on must all be fully communicated to customers.
  • Second, when printing alcohol labels, a decal with good adhesion and a special surface is required to create a beautiful and appealing label effect. Raw materials are also an important component creating the luxury alcohol labels.
  • Third, the printing quality, including decal and ink, must not be faded or smudged.

Some samples of alcohol labels


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