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What risks are you concerned about 

when choosing a supplier?

Every customer would like to work with a professional and reputable supplier. However, many customers do not select a good printer, which causes many problems when bringing products to market…

Your goods will be returned due to the above errors.
It will cost you a lot of money to solve the problem!

Please rest assured… VietLabel is now available !

The service of printing de-glue labels

Because of their high efficiency, de-glue labels are now widely used in business – production. If you’re wondering where to find a reputable place to print de-glue labels, VIETLABEL is the best option for you; read on for more information!


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Some applications

and characteristics of de-glue labels

De-glue labels make a variety of accents that are frequently affixed to products displayed at events, highlighting and impressing customers,… Most de-gluing labels are designed to be created and stuck to products which are displayed at trade shows, discounts, promotions, new product launches…

Because of their durability and certainty, de-glue labels are used for a wide range of products, including cosmetics, beverages, electronics, food, and agricultural products.

The de-glue label is made up of two parts: one that is de-glued and one that is still glued (glued part).


A part that is not glued or in contact with the product’s surface. This section will be printed with information and images to highlight key points and impress customers.

Is the part glued on the product’s surface, with high durability and adhesion, preventing peeling when transporting goods.


Some types of materials

for de-gluing labels

Some examples of pharmaceutical labels