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pop-up stickers

A pop-up sticker is a type of printed label that is commonly used to advertise products, provide information, and promote customers.

Pop-up stickers are typically placed in the most visible position of the product or in easily accessible places for customers.

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Pop-up labels are commonly used in marketing activities such as creating attractive advertising, unique selling points, promoting sales, launching new products, and so on.

They are used to communicate messages, provide product information, and advertise. Furthermore, this type of label is prominently designed, making the product more eye-catching and attracting customer attention.

Other advantages of pop-up stickers include:

  • A visually appealing design that provides concise information will easily promote purchasing behavior.
  • Save money on marketing and advertising.
  • Branding is more effective because the label does not cover the information printed on the product.
  • Labels with film lamination will be extremely durable, moisture resistant, and water resistant.


Some types of materials 
for printing popup stickers

Pop-up stickers are typically made from a variety of materials, the most common of which is plastic decal or silver decal.

Some notes on printing popup labels 

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Some examples of beautiful and impressive popup labels 

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