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What risks are you concerned about

when choosing a suppier?

Every customer desires to work with a professional and reputable supplier. So, choosing a reputable supplier is especially important for manufacturing and business enterprises…

Labels are easily peeled off, fade quickly, and not up to quality 

Labels are not well controlled during the printing process

The label is broken, the quantity is insufficient, and so on, affecting enterprise production processes.

Please rest assured… VietLabel is now available !


The service of printing

white and roll-based

VietLabel is one of the printing companies that can meet high quality white and roll-based labels for you, thanks to modern machinery lines and an experienced printing team.

White label: is a self-adhesive white label that has a layer of paper to protect the glue layer. It is simple to use a white die label, you just need to peel the decal from the base layer and stick it to the product’s surface.

Background printed label: similar to white concrete label, but the surface layer is printed in color.

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Some common printing materials
for white and roll-based

Some notes when printing white and roll-based

Some examples of white

and roll-based


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