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What risks are you concerned about 

when choosing a supplier?

Every customer would like to work with a professional and reputable supplier. However, many customers do not select a good printer, which causes many problems when bringing products to market…

Unfortunately, the printer is not professional     

You can’t get a professional ticket for your business’ services

Print quality is not good, negatively impacting your business.

Your goods will be returned due to the above errors.

It will cost you a lot of money to solve the problem!
Please rest assured… VietLabel is now available !

Service for printing

roll tickets & event tickets 

Ticketing management has become easier for investors and business owners as information technology has advanced. Customers have to convert from the traditional ticketing model “sheet tickets, pre-printed stack tickets”.. to continuous rolls or stacks to manage ticket sales and check-in at the gate automatically by software through codes, QR code.

We know that customers can manage their tickets more closely and effectively with the use of information technology. So that, VIETLABEL is constantly researching and producing continuous stack tickets and rolls tickets to meet the increasing customer demand.

If you are also wondering which address to choose to print quality tickets, come to VIETLABEL right away!

Why should you print 

roll tickets & event tickets

A ticket is a paper with information confirmation on it that is used for “entry” and also to confirm the use of a specific service. As a result, printing tickets will provide numerous benefits to your company, including:‘

  • Control the number of participants
  • Fight against fraud in ticket sales
  • Helping businesses manage and operate more efficiently
  • Help recipients know event information
  • Free marketing tool for your business
  • Show respect to the invitee/buyer

 Several notes on printing roll tickets & event tickets


Vietlabel specializes in producing tickets for a variety of service industries.

Tickets are made from a variety of materials, including Couche, Thermal Paper, and others that are widely used in many fields.
We’d like to mention some service industries that use VIETLABEL products:

Amusement tickets: Tickets are used to control and count customers’ turns when participating in the game through symbols, woodcuts, signatures or serial numbers, card codes …

Sightseeing tickets: Bitexco, Landmark 81, Independence Palace,… : Paper with information about location, time, price,… helps you get in and out of attractions. Usually a smooth couche paper that catches ink quickly and is suitable for printing many high-contrast and color images.

Cable car ticket: widely used, such as: “BA Den Mountain – Tay Ninh”, “Bana Hill – Da Nang”, “Huong Pagoda – Hanoi”, … is a confirmation of the customer’s use of the service when traveling by cable car at a tourist destination. Tickets have the effect of allowing you to check in and out at the gate using a QR code.

Boarding Pass: The boarding pass contains all information about the passenger’s flight, such as first and last name, departure point, destination, flight number, flight time, boarding gate, seat position, bar code of the ticket, and so on. This allows passengers to easily pass through the security gate and board the plane. We will not be strange if we travel with Vietnam Airlines, VietJet, Bamboo, and other airlines.

Bus, train, and ferry tickets: They are typically made of medium-sized paper with average durability. Each ticket is very clearly and prominently printed. Trip name, departure time, ticket price, ordinal number, and so on. Applicable routes include the Phuong Trang bus and the Thanh Thoi Ferry…

Casino video game ticket: Confirms the customer’s use of the turn when playing a game at 5-star hotels, restaurants, and licensed Casino centers….


Print the most prestigious and high-quality roll tickets & event tickets

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