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What risks are you concerned about 

when choosing a supplier?

Every customer wants to work with a professional and reputable printer. However, your provider is not satisfied, and you are having the following issues:

Labels are easily peeled off, fade quickly, and not up to quality 

The information on the label is incomplete or incorrect 

The raw materials of the label are unsuitable, and the delivery schedule is not as committed…

Your goods will be returned due to the above errors.
It will cost you a lot of money to solve the problem!

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The service of printing variable data labels

People who frequently use products such as traceability labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, phone top-up cards, winning scratch cards, promotional scratch cards, and so on are familiar with variable data labels. Furthermore, variable data labels are widely used in industrial production, such as iron and steel, clothing, electronics, thickeners, and so on.

So, what exactly is variable data label printing? What are variable data labels used for? Please join VIETLABEL to learn more about this type of label by reading the article below!

What are

variable data labels?

The use of printing technology to create labels for products with personalized, variable information rather than fixed information is known as variable data label printing.

For example, variable data label printing makes use of digital printing to produce thousands upon thousands of phone scratch cards that are not identical in number but are similar in design. Used in electronics to control quantity, production time, lot number… or in hospitals to manage patients, records…


Why should you print

variable data labels?


Some examples of variable data labels

V i e t L a b e l

Material for printing variable data labels


Printing variabledata labels

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