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The service of printing

lubricant, chemical, and solvent labels

Today, along with the diversification of the lubricant market, businesses have to pay more attention to the printing of product labels. That is because it helps to increase the business’s sales in the sales plan.

So, let us continue reading the article below to learn more about printing fuel and oil labels and notes in order to be able to print beautiful and impressive labels!


The service of printing

lubricant, chemical, and solvent labels

Lubricant – chemical labels are used to stick on plastic bottles, cans, oil drums, chemical drums. The size and material of the label will differ depending on the type. They all have the advantage of assisting businesses in making their products more outstanding on the market, promoting their brands, and increasing brand value in the eyes of consumers.


In addition, they assist businesses in effectively managing goods from production to market distribution. Some businesses have integrated data and barcodes on labels, which has increased the efficiency of goods management.


Ngoài ra, Giúp doanh nghiệp quản lý tốt hàng hóa từ khâu sản xuất tới khi phân phối hàng ra thị trường. Một số doanh nghiệp đã tích hợp dữ liệu, barcode lên nhãn đã nâng cao hiệu suất quản trị hàng hóa trong sản xuất.


What is

lubricant, chemical, and solvent labels?

There are currently two types of labels for lubricants, chemicals, and solvents:

  • The product’s main label includes the content, images, logo, brand name, and so on.
  • The additional labels include warnings, product ingredients, usage instructions, and so on.

Here are some mandatory information on chemical and lubricant labels:

  • Product’s name;
  • Chemical identification code (if any)
  • Hazard warning (if any)
  • Quantitative
  • Ingredient
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expiry date
  • Name and address of the organization or individual charge of the product
  • Origin
  • Usage and Storage Instruction and so on

Several notes on printing 

lubricants – chemicals – solvents labels

Some lubricant, chemical, and solvent product labels 

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